Garden by the lake
• Description

A garden designed to soften the architecture of a very contemporary house. The garden is set next to a wonderful lake, which offers an unique setting and at the same time challenges the landscape architect to naturally fit the garden in its surroundings. A "sea of green" connects the house with the lake, in which a path built out of natural stone - slabs of stone of different sizes, easy meandering through the grass offer the sensation that they were always there. Such interventions, close to the nature, is what offers originality to this garden. The same with the boulders that were "fished" out of the lake, the same with the chosen plants that grow in their natural habitat. The existing trees continue to live - moreover their value was improved through their incorporation in the stair baluster that connects the two levels of the garden.

The garden benefits of sheer night lightning and exterior sound system.  

Simplicity brings about, so easy, elegance and preciousness.
The terraces of the house were designed to cheer up and relax their owners. Some simple ideas transformed the concrete terraces protected by inox handrails in oasis of colour and life.

The whole assembly, garden plus terraces, prove again our aim to design and execute gardens as close to the nature as possible, that give the impression that they belong to the place on which the masons erected the house. (http://www.craft-house.ro/projects/fabricat-in-romania)

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