Arborist in my town
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Schitul Darvari offered me the rare opportunity to save a century-old linden tree from felling. Due to its age and incorrect cleaning it developed a huge hollow at its base, becoming thus a threat to the buildings around it as well as to the people. 

It is a generous tree, offering shadow in summer to the old, surprises for the kids in its hollow in autumn as well as a superb odour in spring for every one. 

The linden tree is part of the monastery assembly and it is impossible to visualise the yard without it. Therefore, we started the cleaning with the aid of climbing techniques since the tree is over an architecture monument and everything cut had to be removed manually without letting anything fall down. In order to save the tree we aimed to ease and balance the crown but to maintain sufficient branches in order not to affect the the normal vegetation course. 

And we did it! 

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