Senzui Studio

Senzui Studio invites you to join the nature adventure, to bring and keep nature close to you. The Senzui garden concept is based on simplicity, friendliness, easy maintenance and happiness. Green, oxygen and happiness.

SENZUI means nature in old Japanese, but during the centuries the meaning of this word has transformed itself in „garden”. Thus, this word describes best our concept related to how a green space (private garden, park or terrace) should look like. Even in an abstract or simplified form, a green space should offer an image as close to its natural model as possible.

Each client has its own preferences: colour, dimensions, volume, texture, light, privacy, functionality. These are the elements from which we start in designing the garden you desire. But we also offer that „something extra” that makes out of each garden a very special place. The land characteristics are well studied in order to achieve a garden as close to the natural landscape as possible that also respect your needs.

A garden is actually a natural extension of the living house. Thus, Senzui proposes the harmonization of the exterior space with the interior one, of the natural elements with the built ones, activating that special relationship between the garden and the one that will enjoy it.

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